Ferry rides are the reason why Singapore is famous!

singapore-ferry1Ferry rides are always special and exciting. If you are given the preference of a car, plane, train or a ferry ride, then chances are that you might opt for the water way, as it’s appealing and quite popular. One of the best things about ferries rides is that they are always cool, calm and very tranquil.

Ferry rides are always special and even you should consider going from them.

When you are in Singapore

We are certain that you will certainly travel to Singapore one day. This city-country is not only the financial capital of Asia, but it is also the gateway to the whole Asean region. Millions of visitors travel to Singapore every year, ride on the famous easybook Batam ferry and there are several reasons why. One of the reasons is because of the fact that Singapore is home to several ferry routes. You can either hop on a domestic ferry to roam in and around the country or you can also opt for an international ferry.

You can get ferries from the harbour front terminal and also from the Tanah Merah Terminal. There are several ferry companies in the region, and all of them provide immaculate service to all travellers.

Feel relaxed and rejoiced with ferry rides

The Singapore based ferry companies are quite pernickety about giving the travellers a great ferry ride. Most of their ferries are quite new and all of them are top notch in terms of strength and luxury. You can book your ferry tickets from online websites of these companies and then you can easily enjoy the tranquil breezes of the waters.

You can take a ferry from Singapore to places like Bintan Islands or Batam Islands (both situated in Indonesia) or you can also travel to johor bahru and Malaysia with these ferries.


 December 31st, 2015  
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